April Focus Week 5: Ιshvara Pranidhana

Ιshvara Pranidhana

“Whatever you read,

All that you learn,

All that you see

And all the fragrant things reaching your nostrils

Whatever comes and fades away

All of these are a way to explain what is happening around you.

And you are the observer.

Through continuous study and inner conversation,

I know now that I am not alone.

I am coming there, which means HERE. Which means, inside of me. Which means, inside of EVERYTHING.

I learn in some language I do not speak,

I teach things that I neither knew that I know, nor do I know how.

I see you in all manifestations of matter and of your immaterial expression as well.

I smell your nectar, the nectar of life.

You are always HERE. It is me who is lost some times.

There are times I ask for proof from your traces, that you are beside me.

It is at those moments when I forget to give thanks for everything.

It is then when I think that my actions are very important,

and I think very highly of myself.

And I complain that: “it would be better for everyone if this would happen differently” or “but why this now?”

And that’s when I make a decision to surrender

To surrender and trust

That you are here, next to me, inside of me, inside of everything with all this inexhaustible wisdom and silence.

So NOW little wise student of life!

NOW and every now you should remember that life is a FLOW.

And it is this flow that will take you to a travel in the heavens, in the forests, in the rivers and on the earth.

It will take you there and back, you will bend and you will straighten up again…

Abandon yourself,


Devote yourself,

Stay humble and accept

Not with words,

Not with images

Not with form

Not in something that has to be

Not in something you know




Will bring you to the union of enlightened superconsciousness.

I surrender my Ego and say Yes. I will love. I already love. I myself am Love.

Thank you.

I surrender.”


The fifth Νiyama on Patanjali’s eightfold path might be the landing, where we have to widen our step in order to climb it.

It is the mind that needs to cover a distance between logic and feeling. Between “I control” and “I trust”. It is wisely placed in the fifth position of the Niyamas, after completeness, gratitude, discipline, purity and clarity of the mind have made me receptive and humble, so that I can accept “Isvara Pranidhana” with an open heart. It is then when I will experience my practice as a sacred ceremony. It is then when I will see consciousness shining in the flame of the candle. It is then when I will be in asana and the body will be guided by the Divine. It will know where to reach. As far as to where it needs to be, to be soft as a candle and stable as a diamond.

Ιsvara Pranidhana means “I surrender to the Divine”


By Maria Papadopoulou,
of the Neda Yoga Shala Team.