Anahata Chakra

The fourth chakra, the Anahata, is the energy centre of the heart. “Anahata” means that which cannot be struck, cannot be harmed. It sits in the middle of the chest, at the level of the physical heart. Its location connects it to the cardiovascular system and the lungs, and that’s why breathing plays a crucial part in its balance. At the hormonal level, it is connected to the thymus gland, where antibodies are produced.

The Anahata chakra is depicted by a 12-petal lotus flower. Its colour is green, since it is located between the yellow and the blue energy centre, and its Bija mantra is Yam.

To gradually get the complete image, after we have worked with our connection to the earth, we use water, in order to be able to create on fertile ground, and then, we allow fire to transform this creativity into action. In that way, we reach the element of air, in the middle of our energy system, which operates as a bridge between the lower, more earthly centres and the higher, more spiritual ones. This is symbolized by two triangles, forming a six-pointed start.

In that way, we start adopting a different approach, looking for connection. Having the heart as our guide, we turn to those around us, ready to give and receive love. It is about an unconditional love that does not require anything in return, and its recipient is the whole universe. When this chakra is balanced, it liberates us from any form of attachment. Our relationship to ourselves, to other people, but to also to all that surrounds us is transformed, since our every action now originates from understanding, compassion and kindness.

We can now see the beauty of life. Admire the magnificence of nature that is hidden even in the simplest and seemingly, most insignificant thing. We become poets who seek and are constantly inspired by the images magically unfolding all around us, from the sunrise to the aged couple walking hand in hand.

The Anahata chakra invites us to constantly study ourselves, appease our selfish motives and emotions, so that we can become free and truly connect to all creatures.


By Panagiota Kostami,
οf the Neda Yoga Shala Team