Betty Papadopoulou

Betty Papadopoulou

Betty has been a High School Teacher for 12 years.

She is studying and practicing Tai Chi, various types of Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Osteothai, Chi Nei Chang, Cranio Sacral Theraphy. She is a Vipassana meditator.
At 2011 she did her Yin Yoga TTC with Biff Mithoefer and since then she is part as an organizer and teacher at the Yin Yoga TTC’s in Greece.

She has practiced contemporary dance for 6 years, continues her research through Dance Therapy Schools, Singing art therapy, Psychotherapy, End of life care.
She feels inspired by many philosophies and cultures, especially Buddhism, and the Indignant Traditions.
She wishes to teach and live in a way that empowers the yin energies to sprout and bring more balance and peace to the Global community of Souls.

Betty uses her drum, guitar and voice to connect with the clear rhythm of the heart.

For four years together with indignant people in Uganda and Burundi she co-created a “You Create Your Own Reality Program, through Creative Arts and Fairy tales” for the children and the youth of the area.

She offers continuous education through Yin Yoga TTC “Yin Yoga The sacred ceremony “, and teaches “Basic Thai Yoga Massage and the Yin” Courses.