December Focus: Gratitude

I didn’t ask to have everything easy…
I didn’t ask “why me”.
I asked for strength, so I could endure.
I asked for a clear mind, so I could be wise and able to discriminate,
to understand when I need to interfere and when I must not.
To accept whatever is beyond my power to change, and give thanks.
So, I asked for strength, and in time, I became hardhearted, so I could endure.
But wisdom and discrimination lead me to the path of love.
To the path where I remember I am not alone.
To the path that made me ask for help and allow myself to also be weak.
“Weakness is not a destination, but a key that opens the most powerful help we can get.”
Thank you, because behind my strength, were hiding the weaknesses that made me love life.
That made me love myself…


By Maria Papadopoulou,
οf the Neda Yoga Shala Team