Eather Element (Akasha)

Eather Element (Akasha)

The first week of February is dedicated to the element of aether or space (akasha), since it supports all the other elements that come from that. It is the mother, the matrix out of which all the other elements are born, a huge, motherly embrace, that contains the whole of creation.

Aether is the most subtle of the elements and relates to the notion of space.

Ιt is space at the atomic level, between protons, neutrons and electrons, the space between objects, the gap between our thoughts, but also the space among the planets, the galaxies and the universes.

It relates to the sense of hearing and consequently, to sound.

Aether is clear, light, smooth, soft, endless, incalculable.
It does not have its own form, but it contains all forms.
It is home to all the objects in the universe.
It is space itself.

We can observe the element of aether in ourselves, by answering the following questions:

– Do I have an open mind (beginners mind) or am I dogmatic in my ideas and don’t accept anything new?
– Am I receptive, open, like the vast sky;
– Do I have a mind that is clear and unclouded, or am I in confusion?
– Do I like exploring, learning;
– Am I gentle with myself and others?
– Am I in the present or does my mind fly to the past or future?
– Do I listen, tend to my needs?
– Do I listen my interlocutor carefully or am I in a rush to speak my opinion?
– Am I compassionate with myself and others?
During practice:
– Beginners mind!
– Approach the practice with an open mind and an open heart.
– Observe if you push your body too hard during practice (lack of space inside us).
– Meditate on breathing, observe the gap between breaths.
– Observe the gap between thoughts.
– Mantras chanting

In everyday life:

– We are open to life’s infinite possibilities.
– We allow space to our feelings.
If for example, we feel anger or sorrow, we give space to our feeling, we breathe inside of it, we invoke the concept of space as a compassionate presence inside our heart.
– We find some time to stay in silence.
– We connect to the vastness of nature.

We cultivate our conscious hearing and speaking.

Enjoy the element of Aether!


By our beloved Stilianaki Maria.

Anusara – Inspired ™ yoga teacher
Yoga Alliance E RYT-200
Founder of Spanda School of Yoga
Yoga Alliance RYS 200