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Meditation Training with Swami Savikalpa

  • March-Μay 2023
  • 17:00-19:30
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Meditation Training – Level 1
First, look Within

March-Μay 2023

There are many reasons one wants to start learning how to meditate, but one of the main ones is the ability to get to know our inner world, our mind, and what makes us tick.

The first level of the meditation course is about learning meditation techniques called Kaya sthairyam and Antar Moun.

Kaya sthairyam is a very important technique as it is the basis of all the other meditation techniques although it can also be practiced as a separate technique too. It trains the body and the mind to become comfortable and still, which is a prerequisite for any meditation practice.

-The second technique, Antar Moun, deals with the awareness of thoughts, thought patterns, and habitual ways of thinking. Through the different stages of this technique, one can learn how to be more aware of the thoughts and the thinking process, and how the thoughts influence one’s attitudes, habits, behavior, and interactions within one’s environment. Through this process of observation, the mind becomes quieter and still. Then one can gradually leave behind the thinking patterns which are not useful anymore and focus on those which will encourage progress and growth.

Who is it for:

This course is training with a specific sequence and structure. It is for people who are at the very beginning of their journey and have no previous experience, but who would like to learn meditation systematically so that they can practice it themselves. It is also for those who have previous experience but who would like to deepen their practice. The aim for both kinds of participants is to apply the knowledge gained through their own experiences in their own life.

The prerequisite of this course is regularity, which is why fixed dates will be introduced for the whole course.


Sunday 26 March 17:00-19:30
Sunday 9 April 17:00-19:30
Sunday 23 April 17:00-19:30
Sunday 30 April 17:00-19:30
Sunday 4 May 17:00-19:30
Sunday 28 May  17:00-19:30


You can choose any of the three ways to participate in this course:

· Live, at Neda Yoga Shala

· Online

· Combination of live & online participation


– Early bird (Βοokings until 19 February): 180€
– Late Bird (Bookings after 19 February: 220€

– Prepayment of 50 euros is required to book your spot

-The payment is returned in case of cancellation up to 5 March

-Reservation required at & 6973463746.

→ Read more for Swami Savikalpa here.


  • 6973463746
  • Αγ. Γεωργίου & Κανάρη 1, Ν. Ψυχικό