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New Meditation Class with Swami Savikalpa

  • Thursdays 20:30-22:00
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Thursdays 20:30-22:00 (Studio & Online) 

* 1st Free trial class on Thursday 15/9*

Meditation is a very powerful yogic tool with which we can learn how to turn our minds inwards and switch off for some time from the noise of daily life. Through the different techniques of meditation, we can become aware of our thinking patterns, attitudes, and behavior that are causing turbulence and imbalance in our minds, and find ways to reduce tension, stress, and negativity.

Regular practice of meditation can help us to relax the mind, and to restore mental balance and inner peace. This will have a positive impact on all areas of our life and will allow us to manage better our personal life, social life, family, work, and relationships.

Meditation classes will take place every Thursday 20:30-22:00 at Neda Yoga Shala and can be attended either at the studio or online. Evening meditation is ideal to relieve the mind from the day and the tension of the week. Several instructions will also be given on how one can apply this practice in their daily life outside of the yoga class. With such an approach, the technique of meditation can become an amazing means of transformation.

Everyone is welcome to this first level of meditation class which will last for three months. You can attend individual classes but you will benefit more if you participate in the whole cycle (Sep-Dec).

This meditation classes will be instructed by Swami Savikalpa, a very sincere yoga practitioner who has spent over 25 years in Satyananda Ashram and she was initiated into poorna sannyasa. With 30 years of experience in yoga, she is one of the best instructors we could have to guide us deeply into this experience.

Join us for a first trial class on Thursday 15th of September!

Read more for Swami Savikalpa here.

In case anyone prefers to attend the class online, here is the Zoom link:


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