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Yoga Time in No Time with Alessandro Ortona

  • Sunday, March 29 2020
  • 11:00
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Alessandro Ortona returns to Neda Yoga Shala! Sunday, March 29 at 11am

We invite you to the first lesson of the year on Sunday March 29th at 11:00 with our favorite teacher Alessandro Ortona.The class does not end at a specific time. Alessandro asks from us to forget about the schedule and time limitations, and to come in as open and as free of these preconceptions as possible. Our meeting can be 3 hours or 7 hours long… You can walk out any time you feel like doing so.

Alessandro is one of the most special and authentic teachers of traditional Hatha Yoga. Thanks to his insightful and direct approach, he always manages to deeply communicate and inspire the implementation of yoga practice in daily life, which, in the end, is what renders yoga a transformative experience.

A few words about the seminar by the teacher:


These series of meetings will not depend on time schedule, we’ll meet at a certain hour but no one knows when we’ll leave, of course you are always free to go away as to stay. There is no schedule, no program but there is an aim, to let go and to act with intention at the same time, to challenge the idea of impossible, because with that idea our story is already written.


“There is no succession in meditation. There is no continuity, because these imply time, space and action. All our psychologic activity belongs to the field of time and space, and from that is born the urge for action, that is always incomplete. Our mind is conditioned by the acceptance of space and time. From here to there, the chain of this and that, temporal succession. In this movement action will create contradiction, conflict. This is our life. Can an action be ever free from time, so there will be no regret, no anticipation and projections?” J. Krishnamurti



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