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Hatha Yoga & Sound Journey 

  • Δευτέρα 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2020
  • 19:45-21:45
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Hatha Yoga & Sound Journey 
We are pleased to invite you to the evening class that will take place at the Neda Yoga Shala, on Monday, February 24, at 19:45-21:45, where once again, our yoga practice will meet the practice of sound. The class will begin with a rather dynamic yoga practice with Anastasia Biliri, followed by a relaxation session under the sounds of the singing bowls and the other instruments of Manolis Zografakis.
Tibetan singing bowls are being used over the centuries to support meditation and therapy practices. They create a wide range of sounds of the universe which cause deep relaxation and fight stress, helping to balance the chakras and increase vitality and awareness. The sounds and vibrations of the bowls bring about a healing effect for the mind and the nervous system, and they support the restoration of harmony in our mind, body and spirit. Manolis Zografakis is a member of the Eleman duet of meditation music, and was initiated into the secrets of the singing bowls in Nepal, under the guidance of Master Shee Krishna Shahi. He will take us on a journey, guided by the magic sounds of the singing bowls and other musical instruments used for healing.

Monday, February 24, 19:45-21:45

Please arrive 10 minutes before class time. 

Neda Yoga Shala
Ag. Georgiou & Kanari 1
Neo Psihiko 

Free for Ferbuary members of the Neda Yoga Shala or 12 euro drop in

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