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Monthly Sundays with Alessandro Ortona

  • Sunday 22 October 2023
  • 11:00
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We are very to happy continue our monthly seminars with our beloved teacher Alessandro Ortona, which will take place at Neda Yoga Shala one Sunday of the month.

Alessandro is one of the most unique and authentic teachers of traditional Hatha Yoga. In a penetrating and direct way, he always manages to touch deeply and inspire the application of Yoga practice in everyday life, which is what ultimately makes it transformative. Eternal seeker and great teacher. Now he rarely teaches classes in our city, don’t miss this opportunity.

The seminar has no end time. Alessandro asks us to surrender from the concept of schedule and the limitation of time and become as open and free from these concepts as possible. The seminar can last 2 hours, it can last 4… Everyone has the right to leave whenever they want. The practice will include asana (physical exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, mantra and satsang.

A few words from the teacher:

Advaita Vedanta the path to unconditional freedom

Who am I? Not the son or the daughter, not the partner, not the mother or the father, not the profession, not the personalities, not the performer and the performance, not the practitioner and the practice…who am I? Nothing describable, not a role, not a mask, behind all this I am, with no name, free without attachments here and now I am…

After trying all the paths to manipulate, achieve, force, become, try, separate between good and bad, right and wrong we reach in our search a space of disillusion of tiredness, the dark night of the Ego (the doer, the performer), the doors of Advaita (non duality, oneness of the universe, totality with no separation of any kind: Yoga) are open for the courageous practitioners ready to jump in the Abyss of reality…

Sunday 22 October at 11:00

Sunday 22 December at 11:00

– You can attend the seminars individually.
– Please be at the venue 10-15′ before the start of the seminar.

Location: Neda Yoga Shala, Kanari 1, Neo Psychiko (6973463746)
Cost: 25 euros/seminar or 40 euros for both seminars

– Reservation required at

– The payment is returned in case of cancellation up to 3 days before the start of the seminar.

Alessandro Ortona 

Born in Italy, in 1966, Alessandro started practicing yoga at the age of 15, under his mother’s influence. As a young boy, he was deeply touched by his meetings with the various teachers who frequented his home. He graduated university with a degree in Business Management and he worked in the shipping sector for a few years. Seeking a calmer and more inspired lifestyle, he abandoned his carrier and he travelled to Antigua, Caribbean, to start a new life. After staying there for six years, and after realizing that changes to external circumstances do not actually mean much, he decided to dedicate himself to yoga, and he started practicing intensely.

He met with the great yogi Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda who taught him the foundations of the ancient Hatha Yoga tradition. In Italy, he studied with Walter Ruta (Tirak) and he started teaching and supporting the development of the Pramiti Yoga School. At a later time, he decided to experience life in an Ashram, which brought him to Greece, where he met his guru, Swami Shivamurti Saraswati, and where he spent a few years in the Satyananda Ashram in the Paiania region in Attica. There, he studied the principles of Karma Yoga and the traditional teachings of Satyananda. Since 2010, he lives in Lagonisi, and he teaches in Athens and throughout the region of Attica.

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  • 6973463746
  • Αγ. Γεωργίου & Κανάρη 1, Ν. Ψυχικό