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Yin Yoga & Music Vol.4

  • Παρασκευή 1 Μαρτίου 2019
  • 19:30 - 21:30
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Yin Yoga & Music Vol.4 –  live Bendir, Flute & Singing Bowls

The musical-yogic Fridays at the Neda Yoga Shala still go on!

On Friday, March 1, we invite you to a very special Yin Yoga Class, which will be led by the soothing voice and guitar sounds of Betty Papadopoulou. This time, Betty will be accompanied by the flute and singing bowls of Gerasimos Dimovassilis, as well as by the bendir and guitar of Nikos Souliotis. Every single time, the different musicians and musical instruments transform the Neda Yoga Shala hall into a completely different musical landscape, turning each session with Betty into a different and authentically new experience.

In Yin Yoga we gently hold the postures for longer than usual, in order to awaken the yin qualities of ourselves, and to allow the space for bringing Awareness to the present moment.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful ceremony. It is decorated with rhythms of different traditions, it creates poetry, it listens to the heart rate and it is dedicated to love.


Kirtan will take place after the class is over!

Appropriate for all levels.

15€ drop in, 10€ for Neda Yoga Shala members


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  • Αγ. Γεωργίου & Κανάρη 1, Ν. Ψυχικό