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Hatha Yoga

An inward journey that combines dynamic asana (with emphasis on self observation), along with breathing exercises, meditation, mantra chanting and often yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Students are encouraged to view these techniques not as a goal, but rather, as tools that will allow them to learn and connect with themselves.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

A gentle and mild class with static exercises which are practiced mainly on the floor in a lying or sitting position. Ideal for beginners and students with injuries. Breathing exercises and guided meditation are also included.

Hatha Flow

Through the practice of asana, we create space to breath better, deeper and with more awareness. Sometimes we move dynamically by quickly alternating between postures and other times we stay in the postures longer giving attention to the alignment of the body. We bring balance to the body by combining strength and flexibility. The class ends with deep relaxation.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is an alternative method of exercise based on the body composition and the mental development of children by age. It is based on recreational exercises (asanas) and interactive games. Its main objective is to enhance childrens’ confidence and self-esteem: a sense of well being and respect for others and love for oneself.