Ryza Project started in 2015.

Glafkos Smarianakis and Anastasia Biliri guide us through an inward journey that uses yoga and music as the main vehicles.

Where there’s creation there is sound and it is no wonder that sound can penetrate so deeply into the human realm.
A beautiful soundscape of live traditional eastern melodies from both musicians, accompanying traditional practices of Hatha and Nada Yoga inspire the practitioner to travel to the deepest realms of the soul, far beyond the consious mind, to a more subtle and substantial place. When combined with bodily movement, mantras and breath work, music can give rise to a wonderful canvas of sensations, providing a fertile ground for observation, transformation and catharsis.

The fact that yoga and music are such a wonderful match, only proves that everything springs from the same primordial root, from the same universal source, and that it reflects and brings out the deeper aspects of human existence.
It could seem like Music and Yoga have the same goal – to provoke a powerful inward transformation. To transmute and to elevate. Something magical happens when these two meet discretely and with sensitivity.

The Ryza Project offers intensive workshops all around Greece. We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration.

Ryza Moments