Earth Element (Prithvi)

Prithvi Tattva – The element of earth

I created you with primal instincts, so that you can evolve them and evolve your consciousness.
So that you are ready to face whatever needs to be faced. Because you can do EVERYTHING.
Be ready, but do not fear when that time will come. And when that time comes, be strong and don’t run away. Don’t go weak at the knees.
I gave you knees to use like springs. To fly when you need to, while your feet are on the EARTH.
I gave you 4 cardinal points, so that YOU know where you are and where you walk at every moment.
North, South, West and East.
Be your own compass in your journey.
Be your own rock of consciousness, steady. With clear and unclouded mind.
Perceive smells and enjoy good things in life. Know that it rains somewhere, just from the smell; perceive a fire from afar, without needing to see it.
But… you don’t have to be afraid.
You only need to be there.
Every moment.
I gave you feet, so that you can see them and remember that your soul is FREE.
And freedom is not when you leave.
It is when you stay, and fulfill your truth.
Every time you look at your feet from now on…
smile at them!
Because they are your “wings”!
Fly grounded to here and now!


By our beloved Maria Papadopoulou.